Matrimonio in Villa Veneta – Villa Ca’ Conti

Come fotografi di matrimoni in Italia, siamo fortunati di poter lavorare in regioni e locations diverse. Per il matrimonio di Rodica e Vlad ci siamo recati nella splendida Villa Ca’ Conti, poco a sud di Padova. Questo e’ solo un piccolo assaggio delle immagini che abbiamo preparato per loro, ma se continuate a scollare in basso potrete vedere molte piu’ foto di questa bellissima location, il grande lavoro fatto dal fiorista e, visto che non potete assaggiare, almeno vedere le incredibili creazioni preparate da uno dei migliori servizi di catering del Veneto.

Getting ready in a gorgeous Venitian Villa

Over 4,000 Venitian Villas, or Ville Venete, were built during La Serenissima between the 15th and 18th centuries. In the period of the Republic of Venice, it was a sovereign state and a significant trading power. The Ville Venete are grand, luxurious, and numerous. Imagine frescoes walls, vaulted ceilings, terrazzo floors, and enormous windows. They stretch from Venice to Treviso to Verona and further. Your wedding in Italy at a Venitian Villa can be near the thriving hub of Padua, or in the hills of the Prosecco region. The Venice airport is a busy international hub, which makes these wedding venues easily reachable for you and your guests.

Rodica and Vlad were married at Villa Ca Conti, a perfect example of Wedding in Italy at a Venetian Villa. They both got ready on-site, surrounded by family and friends. The rooms for preparing the bride and groom are big and filled with beautiful light.

Wedding ceremony in a villa veneta

They chose to have the wedding outdoors in the garden. Right in front of the garden is the main stairway, from which Rodica made her grand entrance. The ceremony spot was tucked in the shade and surrounded by lush greenery. We loved the floral circle arch they chose for the ceremony backdrop.

Portraits in the park of Villa Ca’ Conti

After the knot was tied, we took advantage of the scenery for portraits of the couple.

Italian Hors d’oeuvre, Antipasti!

Meanwhile, the guests enjoyed appetizers and cocktails during the antipasti hour. As we said, each region has it’s own cuisine. In Veneto, typical food includes seafood, rice or risotto, radicchio, mostarda and polenta in endless forms and variations. Of course, there’s also going to be pasta (hello, this is Italy!), cured meats, cheese, and wine. Don’t overlook Veneto wines! Big, bold Tuscan reds often steal the show. However, this region produces more wine than all the others in Italy. Prosecco and Amarone are notably the more renown and originated in the Veneto area. Other originals excellent wines, even though less famous, are Reciotto, Raboso, Soave, Bardolino, Marzemino and Tocai. Yes, I know, we cannot say it, but we can drink it!.

Seated Dinner, because food is how you celebrate a Wedding in Italy at a Venetian Villa

Cocktail hour was served at round tables where folks could mill around. Instead, dinner was held at a long table, under artfully strung garden lights, with that beautiful floral arch at the end.

Dancing in Italy at a Venetian Villa

In between the floral arch and the dinning table, they cut the cake and popped another bottle of bubbly – the sign that it was time to head to the dance floor!

Catering: Chalet Banqueting

Abito della sposa: Giuditta Sposi

Ricevimento: Villa Ca’ Conti

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