We have worked with a wide variety of clients for destination weddings in Italy, Europe, the United States and Mexico. We know that everyone and every wedding is unique. The same belief applies to photography. For this reason we don’t offer pre-set “wedding photography packages”; they just don’t work. Instead we sit down with you in person, via Facetime or Skype, or simply over the good ole telephone where we chat with you for a bit. This allows us to better understand how you envision your destination wedding in Italy and what package will best suit your needs, without putting you in a box.

We offer a variety of combinations and prices to meet a variety of budgets. Whether you want only photography coverage on the day of, you want us there documenting several days, for family portraits or a pool party, we can put together a wedding package that works for you. Give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

The Photo Booth experience at your wedding reception or, as we like to call it: Party Pics

First of all it is not a booth, or a box. Instead we set up a portrait studio area with flash lights and a pro camera in a pretty spot at your wedding reception, pool party, cocktail lounge or pizza party. While we don’t want to take too much space from your guests, a mere 9 feet (less than 3 meters) is all we need. So you can have as many people as you want in front of the camera.

Second, it is not an automated selfie contraption that requires for your guests to use a “big red button” and stare at a monitor for the countdown. MARCO WILL TAKE YOUR PICTURES! We will engage with your guests, get them in front of the camera and create a dynamic flow of poses and capture the perfect moment when it happens.

Third. It is all about the LIGHT. We know that. That’s why our set gives you sexy, wrapping light and the look of a fashion shoot, not the one of a snapshot.

Fourth. It is a lot of fun. We make sure to position our photobooth (again, it is not a photobooth really, we just use the term for simplicity) right where everybody can see it and enjoy watching people being silly in front of the camera. So not only you get great images of your guests but you also provide a moment of pure fun and entertainment.

Fifth and probably the most important aspect of all, we get great images of everybody! Seriously. Even if we all know that there are always guests at weddings that prefer to stay away from the spotlight, the photo booth is an excuse to get them if front of the camera. This way, you get more images to remember everybody that was there to celebrate with you.

The Photo Book - Custom Designed and Made here in Italy

Wether you call it photo book or wedding album, or wedding book. We’ve got you covered. We think a book is the most elegant and artful way to preserve your images and have them inspire generations to come. A fine art photography book is what we have been proposing to all our brides for many years and what we will keep on making.

Our books are printed on the finest quality paper, bound in an endless combination of colors and materials. The will last and endure time, to tell your’s and your family story.


Destination Wedding Photography FAQ



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