Why hire a family photographer for your vacations in Italy

Are you planning a memorable vacation in Italy with your loved ones? Don’t miss the opportunity to immortalize those special moments with professional family photography. While smartphone snapshots are great for quick memories, they often fail to capture the true essence of your family’s adventures. A professional family photographer brings expertise, creativity, and the right equipment to ensure every moment is beautifully preserved, allowing you to relive your Italian getaway for years to come.

Whichever city you are planning on staying chances are it will be a short drive from where I am located making it very easy for me to photograph you and your family while visiting some of the most famous and gorgeous locations in Italy. I have prepared for you a list of the cities in Italy that are great touristic destinations and offer experiences that will create long lasting memories. Some less obvious than others.

Family photography in Venice

Venice’s picturesque canals and charming alleyways provide a stunning backdrop for your family photos. Let me walk with you exploring the city as your photographer in Venice and capture your joy as you explore this romantic city. Even better, how about a gondola ride so that you could experience the city with a different point of view. I could definitely help you facilitate that.

High season, busy touristic spots? Venice can be easily flooded with tourists, making it tricky to capture portraits or even candids of you and your family. My experience as a family photographer in Venice made me realize that the solution is always around the corner. Let’s find the perfect time of the day to enjoy these iconic spots in Venice and win over the crowd or find alternatives that are less busy but retain the venetian character.

Chocolate class in Perugia

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Perugia boasts a rich and storied history in chocolate making that spans since the early 1900s. Renowned as the birthplace of Perugina’s chocolate factory, this charming city is now the host for the largest chocolate festival in Europe. But all year round you can have a great chocolate experience by booking a chocolate making class that will teach you how to create the iconic Bacio: hazelnut and chocolate paradise. 

Florence family photographer

Florence is a city of artistic splendor, home to Renaissance masterpieces and timeless architecture and a photographer dream city. Walking on cobblestoned streets and through bustling piazzas you can go from the elegance of Duomo, the majestic of Palazzo Strozzi to the serene beauty of the Boboli Gardens, near Palazzo Pitti. Along the way your photographer will have plenty of opportunity to capture authentic moments of awe, surprise and wonder. Enjoying a gelato on Ponte Vecchio at sunset becomes a perfect excuse to frame some family portraits in one of the most iconic location in Italy. Let me be your family photographer in Florence to artfully document your family’s journey through this cultural haven.

Anniversary photography in Perugia

Perugia, the city where I was born and my family comes from, has a special place in my hart. As a wedding photographer I have documented celebrate couple’s love amidst the medieval charm of Perugia many times. But sometimes I have wandered through its winding streets, discovering hidden piazzas, to capture the intimacy of a special milestone. It is not unusual to celebrate a wedding anniversary with a trip to Italy. Renewing your vows against the backdrop of this historic city’s timeless beauty, surrounded by true good friends and family.

Chianti birthday photographer

Raise a toast to another year of life amidst the rolling vineyards of Chianti. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or simply enjoying a family gathering, as your photographer I will ensure every moment is captured with warmth and joy against the backdrop of Italy’s picturesque countryside. The Barbaresco magnum is definitely a great way to toast 

Family photography in Spoleto

Explore the medieval streets and ancient ruins of Spoleto, where every corner is a picture-perfect moment waiting to be captured. From the majestic Ponte delle Torri to the tranquil beauty of the Cathedral Square. A family photography session will document your family’s adventures in this historic town, including a final and well deserved spritz at the end of the photoshoot.

Birthday photography in Umbria

Imagine celebrating a birthday amidst the serene beauty of an olive grove in Umbria, Italy – a truly enchanting experience that blends nature’s tranquility with the joy of celebration. As the sun sets behind the rolling hills, casting a warm glow over the grove, you and your besties gather under the ancient olive trees, or piled up on top of a hay stack. The air is infused with the earthy aroma of olives and the sweet fragrance of wildflowers, creating an atmosphere of natural elegance and charm. 

Bachelorette photography in Umbria

Organizing a bachelorette party in a picturesque agriturismo in Umbria is like stepping into a dreamy Italian escape. Picture rolling hills dotted with olive groves and vineyards, a charming farmhouse with rustic yet elegant décor, and the scent of freshly baked bread and local wine lingering in the air. Here’s a glimpse into the experience you and your besties will have. Did anybody said Aperol Spritz?

Truffle hunting in Umbria

Embark on a guided truffle hunting expedition through the high sierras of Umbria’s mountains, accompanied by skilled truffle hunters and their trusty dogs. Traverse winding paths, dense forests, and lush meadows as you search for the elusive black and white truffles that thrive in this pristine wilderness. Meet some new friends, learn about the local traditions and taste the incredible food made by the farmers and shepherd that live there. I’ll be there to photograph you having such an amazing experience.

Sunrise vs Sunset family photoshoot

Photography is all about light. I’m sure you have heard that before. So logically as a family portrait photographer I always hope to schedule photoshoots either at or around dusk or dawn, the golden hour. Early in the morning is ideal to beat the crowds and enjoy iconic landmarks with little to no people. At sunset you will have the full experience of a pulsating city with the locals and the tourists sharing the same marvelous locations. But a successful portrait session, specially during a vacation in Italy is also about connections, family time, exploring sites and eating different food. Lighting becomes less important and a comfortable and pleasant experience is what will create more authentic images that you will cherish forever. So when should you book your family portrait session? Let’s talk about it and start planning.

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