Destination wedding in Tuscany – Vineyard in Chianti

Wether you are planning a destination wedding in Tuscany or not, everybody knows about Chianti. Who hasn’t found themselves sipping on a glass of that ruby deliciousness and immediately fantasising about the rolling hills of Tuscany where those grapes hang placidly. The pointy cypress trees placed in such a harmony of curves along the countryside roads. The prickly personality of a wild boar, still unaware he is going to be soon turned into delicious sausages, hams, dog treats and paint brushes. You know, Tuscany.

But back to Chianti. The thing is that you are kind of in the middle of nowhere, which is a rare feeling in Italy (a really good one in this case). Because while you are just a short drive from several major cities like Florence, Siena, Perugia and Rome, where you can find all the amenities, architectural or historical sites, and entertainment you could possibly want, well, you kind of don’t want to. Once you arrive here there is a sense of peace that surrounds you and embraces you more than a xanax spiked manhattan.

So please, slow down for a few minutes and enjoy these images from one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen me. Take a sip of your imaginary (or real, for the lucky ones) chianti wine and make a mental note. This is what it tastes like.

Getting ready for a wedding in Tuscany

Intimate wedding ceremony in Chianti

Dinner in the vineyard in Chianti, Tuscany – Destination wedding in Italy

Sunset wedding in a vineyard in Tuscany

Dancing in the vineyard; a true wedding in Tuscany

Location, catering and wine by: Querceto di Castellina

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