Italy Destination Wedding in Umbria Castle

To plan a Italy destination wedding in Umbria from the United States was a dream come true for these two. They brought with them quite a crowd from all over the world, east and west. Everyone of them came with on intent and one intent only: celebrate family.

Italian Wedding Ceremony at Tempio di Sant Angelo in Perugia

For a wedding ceremony in Italy, there are lots of options if you want a religious ceremony. Umbria and Perugia in particular, have many wonderful churches and monasteries, romanic basiliche and medieval abbeys. But the one they chose for their wedding in Italy is one of a kind. Maybe one of the oldest churches in Italy, probably from the 5th century, it was first a pagan temple, converted into a fort at some point, had many additions trough the centuries but preserved it’s very unique round floor plan. The Tempio di San Michele Arcangelo, or “Tempietto” as the locals refer to it due to its small size, is hidden away behind the medieval city walls. You wont find it by accident. But when you take the long and narrow driveway, the scenery opens up to something as pretty as it is rare around here: a lawn! A small but lovely patch of grass, enclosed by walls, that offers space for all the wedding guests to wait for the arrival of the bride in perfect italian wedding style.

Photo Shoot in Downtown Perugia, a mini adventure in Renaissance Italy

If you dream of wedding photography that encompass the classic beauty of ancient urban locations with the liveliness of a city that is actually fun to walk around, then Downtown Perugia in Umbria is a photographer’s dream. At every corner you are presented with beautiful architecture from the Etruscan era to the Roman time, the Middle Age and Renaissance period. And since we are on top of a hill, you also get to enjoy spectacular views. Since we really didn’t have the time to have a full portrait session we decided to take a peek at this lovely garden nearby. Perfection! A beautiful pergola was creating a a pattern of light and shadow that made for some dramatic images straight out of a fairytale.

Castello di Rosciano, the Perfect Venue to celebrate a Destination Wedding in Umbria

Castello di Rosciano is quite a location to have a destination wedding in Umbria and is a short drive from Perugia. What I like the most about this venue, besides the fact that is an incredible structure built in the 13th century, is the view. Wether you are poolside sipping on a flute of champagne or walking under the tress and checking all the food strands, you cannot miss the spectacle that the Tiber valley is from this bird eye point of view. From sunset to sunrise your eyes can travel for miles, all the way to Assisi or the nearby Bettona and other precious medieval villages. This is how pretty Umbria is.
Did I say view? I meant food! Now, the people at Castello di Rosciano have definitely an eye for pretty things but they also take the whole italian food experience to a new level. Wether they are serving the best products from Umbria or preparing classic italian recipes (always with a twist) or just creating some delicious appetizers from scratch, in front of your eyes, the variety is incredible. So when you combine the experience of walking around an ancient castle in Italy, tasting what feels like an endless assortments of the most iconic italian food you get Food Nirvana.

Wedding Party in a Lovely Italian Summer Night. Dancing under the stars in Umbria

Now, while you still have a taste of Rosso di Montefalco and that slow roasted tenderloin in your mouth, you are ready to enter the next phase. The dance party. What would be a wedding in Italy without music and shenanigans? So put down the fork for a sec and join the celebrations. We can get loud under the stars and dance around till we drop, or at least until the dessert shows up.

Midnight snack! Pizza Party for your Wedding in Italy

When the going gets tough, we eat pizza! It doesn’t get much more italian than this. You just danced your ass off and quenched your summer thirst with a couple Moscow Mules. That alone would be enough to consider this beautiful event a total success. But then, from the dance floor, you notice that a new stand just magically appeared in the yard under the trees. Before your brain can close the connection about what you are looking at, a familiar smell makes it obvious. PIZZA! They are making pizza from scratch right in front of you. In a completely unexpected twist of plot, something between a mirage and the materialization of your wildest dreams, you just realise that you have not eaten in hours and a fresh pizza made to order sounds like just the ticket.

So go ahead. Walk up to those flour covered guys and ask the pizza of your dreams. They will make it for you. Because if you came to Italy for a destination wedding from the US or China, maybe Great Britain or the Nederland, you cannot leave without a food experience like this. Specially at midnight.

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