Wedding at Villa Ca’ Conti – Ville Venete

I was really happy to be chosen to shoot this wedding at Villa Ca’ Conti, one of the many incredibly beautiful Ville Venete in the Veneto region. The wedding photography aspect was very important to Fabrizia e Simone. We met several times before they decided I was the right photographer for them. The first time we met at a local artisanal brewery Beeriot where they served to us a tasty IPA (where “I” stands for Italian). Another day we met at this awesome bar made with containers right by the canal Peer 88. I am not sure if this is because in Italy we always are looking for an excuse to enjoy food and beverages but I have to be honest, I like doing my job this way.

First to arrive at Villa Ca’ Conti was Fabrizio. His formal attire was perfect for the elegant room we were using. The billiard room has such a strong, masculine look. Nobody is going to complain if we play just a quick game with Fabrizio’s dad and brother while we wait for the ladies to get ready.

Italian wedding traditions

While the groom is playing billiard, Fabrizia is getting ready at the house. That is a tradition for italian weddings. Mom, sister and few friends are there with her. But soon enough “everybody” is going to show up and try to kiss her. There is nothing we can do about it, that is a tradition as well.

Ceremony at the church

The weather was not cooperating. The plan was for the bride to ride on a convertible VW bug to the church so they did just that, under the rain. After the ceremony it was time to drive to the reception. This time the top was down.

Wedding reception at villa veneta in Italy

In the mean time, everything was ready for this Wedding at Villa Ca’ Conti. The guest were waiting in the “limonaia” where two long tables where set up. Typical of the architecture of the Venetian villa, the barchessa is a large porticoed structure with high round arches always arranged in a wing of the main house (the mansion) of the villa. Back in the days was used for storing farming equipment or, like in this case, for more refined activities, like storing potted lemon trees, hence the name “limonaia” (the lemon tree place).

It hadn’t stopped raining yet. But that didn’t prevent them to enjoy their day and we created some really pretty images regardless from the weather. It helped tremendously that the inside of villa Ca’ Conti is so pretty. We didn’t miss going outside but made lovely portraits using the lovely rooms that were available. Here are some of my favorites for Fabrizia e Simone wedding day.

Catering: Chalet Banqueting

Abito della sposa: Giuditta Sposi

Ricevimento: Villa Ca’ Conti

Parrucchiera: Linda Professional

Fiori: Girotto Roberta e Carla Fioreria

Trucco: Emanuela Marcolin

Musica Jazz: Nova’s Quartet

Musica 80’s: Dharma

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