Arthur, newborn in home session. Kansas City baby photography.

I have shot Lauren and Taylor’s wedding about 3 years ago. She is of italian heritage. Her family actually was from a town very close to my home town. He is very much into photography and we always end up talking about cameras. Anyway, a week ago a get a phone call from them that says pretty much this:

“Our son Arthur Eugen was born on thursday and he is perfect and healthy. We would love for you to take his first pictures.”

So I grab my camera bag, jump in my car and do the drive I have become so familiar with in the last few years: Tulsa – Kansas City. When I get to their house Taylor opens the door for me. Mind you, I am at his neighbor’s door instead, because I guess I cannot read house numbers. I get inside and I am greeted by few things that make me smile. Here there are, on the walls, framed and hung, pictures I shot of their wedding. On a side table I see the wedding album I designed for them. So my brain is like: Arthur’s pictures will be displayed soon on the walls. What should they look like? I look around their elegant living room; few classic but modern pieces. Simple, clean. There you go. I love shooting people in their homes for this reason. I get inspired by what they surround themselves with. Plus I can create images that will incorporate the house and other familiar objects and will show them to whoever looks at the images.

Arthur in the mean time is finishing up his snack and about to wear his favorite onesie for his portraits. He comes down with mom shortly and we can start our session. Taylor is a pro so I brought down a small space heater. Babies don’t like cold so we crank it up and sure enough, he doesn’t mind it at all. 2 hours later I live them in the comfort of their house and drive away with a great set of images. I hope they like them. I hope my photographs will hang on their walls for people to enjoy, tell story and create memories. Here are few that I liked the most.

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