Salt Flats Engagement Photography

How do you plan a Salt Flats Engagement photography session? So it went something like this. I was on the phone with Amber and Ryan and we were trying to figure out where to shoot their engagement photography session. Few ideas came up and I could tell that nobody was really excited about any of the options. Then I said: “Well, we could go to the Great Salt Plains. It is a 3 hours drive both ways but, hey.” For a moment I hear no sound then Amber says: “Alright!”. So now it is my turn to be without words for a second. I have never been there and I don’t know what to expect exactly. The weather could so easily ruin the experience as we get into the hot season. The sun down here in Tulsa can be pretty mean, specially when there is no shadow to hide into. But of course I wasn’t going to chicken out so I replied. “Right on!” Or maybe something not so ballsy.

Anyway, the day of the engagement session comes and the weather forecast are something like: cloudy, with chances of thunderstorm, possibly a tornado, or snow. Or something like that. But clearly nothing I wanted to hear. Self doubt is kicking in. “Should have planned for that park 5 minutes away”. Instead, I pack my gear in the car and just take off. Next stop: the salt!

When we arrived all the uncertainty disappeared to the view in front of our eyes. The most spectacular sunset was unfolding for us and a gentle little wind kept playing with hair and skirts without ever becoming insolent. Amber and Ryan, are two young, beautiful souls completely in love with each other and that, at the end of the game, is what counts the most. Cannot wait to meet their family and friends on their wedding day. In the mean time, here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

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