Destination Wedding Sonora Desert Arizona

We flew all the way to LA, then drove more than 7 hours through the desert to celebrate this Destination Wedding Sonora Desert Arizona with Jessi and Frank. Travel is a big component in destination weddings and makes for an awesome experience by itself. Such a great opportunity to visit new places, eat and drink what the locals do while just soaking up the scenery . It turns out, there was a “super bloom” so the entire trip there was spectacularly beautiful. And so was the Sonoran Desert Museum. Blooming agaves, blooming cacti, blooming prickly pears and me playing around with a beautiful couple, squeezing all the Arizona light I can get. We even managed to avoid rattle snakes and spiders. Success.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Getting ready and guests lodging: Hotel McCoy

Ceremony & Reception location: Sonora Desert Museum

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