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When you think of a backyard wedding few images come to mind: friends and family, a big bucket full of ice cold beers and a very relaxed atmosphere. And this is definitely true about Lesley and Dustin’s wedding. But if the backyard is behind a lovely historic Tulsa home that these two hunted down, bought and renovated together, then everything takes on a new meaning. I see modern ideas and spirit coming together with traditions. I see a house that is not just merely a place to live in but a place to grow a family. Commitment and dedication to each other echoes in the time and energy spent to give their beautiful house a lifting in preparation for a life spent together. Maybe I see too many things and a marble counter is just a marble counter. But telling stories is what I do and details are what make a simple every day thing memorable. 

Go ahead and scroll trough the images. Usually I don’t post this many but I couldn’t skip any of the details for I was afraid not to do my job and tell y’all what I saw that day at Lesley and Dustin’s wedding.

For those that are into details as well, here is the list of all the talented people that helped make this a memorable day.

Wedding Photography: SimonelliStudio

Flowers: Ted & Debbie’s

Cake: Antoinette Bakery 

Caterer: Catering by Orr

Bridal gown: Jenny Packham

Hair: Michael Pagano 

Make-up: Maggie Cottingim

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